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Founded by National Award winning filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria, we are a full service company that finances, develops, produces and distributes relatable and relevant stories for audiences around the world. 

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Writer, Director, Producer


Director's Assistant


Production Executive

"I feel there are some stories only I can tell.

If I don't tell those stories, maybe that perspective will never get shared."

"I grew up in a family with little interest in literature. The primary source of storytelling consumption happened visually; comic books, cartoon films, television and movies.

This constant exposure to moving pictures felt an obvious way of expression, ultimately drawing me toward filmmaking."

"Filmmaking was an impulsive choice I made back in high school when writing about what profession I wanted to pursue. I got laughs and raised eyebrows and more questions.

It was all I needed."

"Despite my interest in stories, I ended up working in Consulting. But when COVID happened, the fragility of life really became clear to me. I thought to myself, 'If you don't wake up every Monday, motivated to seize the day, maybe you aren't actually fulfilling your purpose'. So I took the plunge and here I am."

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