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Founded by National Award winning filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria, we are a full service company that finances, develops, produces and distributes relatable and relevant stories for audiences around the world. 

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Knock Knock Knock

Written and Directed by Sudhanshu Saria

Producers: Four Line + California Studios

Starring: Santilal Mukherjee, Phuden Sherpa

39 minutes, Psychological Thriller, 2019

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We are born, each of us, unique and open-minded and childlike and blissfully unaware of any expectations society has from us. As we encounter the world, other people’s expectations start to get in the way, bruising us and forcing us to reject the very parts of us that make us unique.


The other fallout of living in a capitalistic society is the burden of productivity our society places on us. Finding our purpose and achieving it becomes a holy mission we set ourselves on. Friends and “play” and joy are considered wasteful and not achieving this imaginary purpose makes us feel restless and ashamed.


I was in Darjeeling earlier this year with my father and these dilemmas came bubbling to the fore for me. In many ways, I inherited these ideas from my father. Now in his 60s, I see what this way of thinking has done for him and how it has made him alone and wary, constantly scared of other people and how they might attack him or affect his productivity.


Dada, in our story, is really my father and Kid is that unique essence of him that he snubbed out over the years.

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I’m still in my mid-30s. The sand around my feet hasn’t hardened into concrete just yet and I am very aware of the changes I need to make if I don’t want that to happen.


The world will bruise us. This society will shame us into being more focused, more productive, fit in better and more often, but holding on to our Kid is our job. We must trust that Kid, value him and keep him alive or it might end up becoming the biggest regret we find on our list in our twilight days.

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